Tours in the city of Nalchik

Recently Bestshow team visited with fire show Caucasus city of Nalchik, capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. We were invited to speak at the National chic wedding … all Caucasian wedding, this sacrament, which is celebrated by all the canons of national traditions! Guests are greeted horsemen in traditional dress, singing and dancing, the bride drove up to the restaurant, heard that the entire city. We are very proud that our fire performance is part of this great holiday. By the beginning of the event, our platform was ready, and were putting the finishing touches, because playground is right next to the restaurant, the task was to mount the stage to the arrival of guests, and our art to make it to 5+, working all night. And how we, the artists of the fire performance of the capital met in Nalchik, this is a separate story) The hotel is located in the resort area, where a lot of sanatoriums and rest homes. These blue spruce, mountain air and of course the mountains themselves with snow caps, as a children’s writer said, “The mountains are very beautiful in Nalchik – covered with forests, they are green, curly, and crimson, fall, like a fire.” Upon arrival at the hotel, we were invited to dinner, we all know about the hospitality of the Caucasus, but if we knew that it would be for dinner, we would not have ate a couple of days prior to departure) is not going to describe all the things that were on the table, but here national muffin Lakum you just have to try if you are in Kabardino-Balkaria) And, of course, will tell you how we spent our wedding fire show. In the evening a bit of frost and ice covered with asphalt. Shovel icy carpet is not given, but our creative team is not looking for easy ways, and we melted the scene of the flamethrower, we, nevertheless, fire performance!) Generally speaking, all ready to start, the guests almost went out, and that there were heroes of the occasion and the national wedding fire performance has begun! The site has a large number of huge pyrotechnics, professional light, fire, as usual was enchanting and incredibly beautiful! Died down the last volleys of fireworks and we breathed. The show was done! The guests were very happy and thanked for such beauty, that is a sign of better quality fire show. The next morning we flew home, all we could see, taste for such a short period, we have made. I would like more time to such a wonderful city, but we hope for further cooperation, and again look forward to seeing again) and tell a little about the Caucasus fire show. Artists perform in traditional costumes, Circassian horsemen to perform complex tricks with swords, restrained women in long dresses, dancing as if on the ground. All sustained in our fire show every detail. Music is an integral part for better fire performance, let alone for a wedding show even more. If you want to make your holiday unique and the most vivid and loud, then order a fire show by the team Bestshow

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