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What is a celebration without a fireworks display? Is it possible not to love the colourful pyrotechnic explosions in the sky? LLC ˈBest showˈ specializes in organizing fireworks displays. (State License №13735-ПИ ) Order from us, and we will make sure you have an unforgettable festival!

Firework from water
Each of us sometimes involuntarily admiring the reflection of the evening city on the wave surface of the water at the slightest breeze colored blots in blurred reflection, giving the place a new more vivid and bizarre forms. Modern pyrotechnics and designers with great pleasure using this effect in the creation of the fireworks from the water, causing a feeling of aesthetic pleasure and positive torque pulses. Order salute with water or a fireworks display barges very easy on our website you will find various examples of works on creation of the fiery mystery in tune with the water element. Have you always wanted to impress everyone with his incredible imagination and skill to organize the best holidays? Then you perfect incredibly epic and striking in its beauty musical fireworks from the raft, because even in the heart of Moscow, you can create a truly charming atmosphere of celebration and admiration. In this unconventional arsenal of 10 rafts and 2 barges, which will create the holiday of any scale and complexity. We are happy, we take into account all your wishes and ideas about the organization of the fireworks from the water. You just need to order a salute from us, and we are pleased to make fireworks in any body of water.
Recommended: for a wedding, children’s parties, holiday concerts, graduations, as a special gift for his birthday.

Order high-altitude fireworks!

Bright and powerful culmination of the foundation and the main aspect of the pyrotechnic show, is always a high-altitude fireworks.
It is all, without exception, is striking in its scale and entertainment – such qualities are always produced at a huge audience an incredible effect! High-altitude fireworks attracts all eyes and causes involuntary stopping any heart. Last minute delight the eyes and happy smile – is a guaranteed effect of fireworks on your holiday guests! Most Modern technologies allow to create unusual effects of fireworks. High-altitude fireworks today are perhaps the most touching, large-scale and extremely epic action. Depending on their caliber, charges fireworks fly at different heights, for example, from 60 to 500 meters, at the top of systematically broken, reaching a diameter of 30 to 250 m. You are guaranteed to make a splash among the spectators, and remember your event for a long time each guest a holiday! You can order high-altitude fireworks, acquainted with the views of our high-altitude fireworks, and we are sure, will be able to choose for themselves the most favorable option!

Musical fireworks – perhaps the most sensual and memorable view of fireworks. It is usually mixed almost all types of fireworks, such as high-rise, residential and park under bright musical compositions that emphasize the entire entertainment and show tact. This is the simultaneous and incredibly absorbing action kind of fireworks. Colorful bursts necessarily coincide with each part of the musical composition, begins with the melody, following its tone and mood, and ends with the chord overstate. Musical fireworks display – the art, from which run goose …
Pirodizayner revives the music of the heavenly space of the most vivid and varied colors, sometimes causing the live highlights an ingenious music on the verge of ecstasy and weeping! Fireworks to your favorite song could be on the right, one of the brightest and most powerful events of your life.

Park type fireworks explode closer to the spectator and give one the feeling of near proximity. Deploying the high-altitude fireworks gives an impression of grandeur.

Order a fire show

We create one-of-a-kind shows


Ballet dancers, World and Russian figure skating Champions, sports and aerial gymnasts, acrobatics and  equestrians perform in the shows; the best Russian fire- and pyrotechnic specialists work to the highest standards; motor cyclists perform death defying stunts leaving you breathless. Small children, aspiring ballerinas and actors star in the children’s’ shows.

All these people give us an opportunity to stage a show of any theme and scale. The shows vary from small ones, suitable for a private party, to large show-programs for city festivals, unique ballets with fire and pyrotechnics or fire shows on ice.

The surprise and please the hero of the day?
What gift to make on Mom’s birthday, dads, grandparents or child?
Book online fire show!
Birthday boy can shoot a flamethrower, twist or torches to ignite pyrotechnic name inscription.
If you want to shock birthday, make the most unusual gift for a loved one of Person call us and 2 weeks BEST SHOW team will teach you the basics of the rotation of fire props and set a new number to your participation! You will become a star fire show! Such a gift will be remembered for a lifetime! Order Fire show- is guaranteed to get probably the most incredible and dynamic of all the modern ideas. Indeed difficult to compare the powerful energy of the fire exhibited in fire performance and manage upscale faerschikami and actors.

Do you want to be remembered for a long time colleagues corporate evening and got a lot of impressions and positive emotions? Order Fire show at the corporate, leave a request. Repertoire Best show team is quite wide and diverse, enchanting fire fire performance filled with the story and ends with a fireworks display bright, striking the spectator with the sensuality. Your staff will be delighted with the completion of this unforgettable evening. If you possess a great imagination, the Order on the corporate fire performance is the perfect solution, because nothing is impossible for us, and we will gladly help to realize your dream. We would like to order a fire show VIP- class with a grand fireworks display? Company «The Best Show» guaranteed to impress even the most demanding guest, and the event will take place at the level presentable. Thousands of colored pyrotechnics, departing to the music, amazing stunts professional artists (dancers, jugglers, acrobats, skaters, faerschikov), powerful konstruktivy on site clearance light and carpeted, good quality sound create extravaganza emotion and enthusiasm, and most importantly stay in memory of the most colorful event in the team.

It would be desirable for this to hit your child and give him the most fabulous day of your life?
Order a fire show at the children’s party company BEST SHOW- guaranteed to give children an unforgettable holiday full of extravaganza and wonders! Colorful accessories and novelty fireworks event will give a lot of atmospherics and delight. Best experienced show team has a lot of different scenarios that will suit everyone. You can order children’s fire performance “Pinocchio” or children’s fire show “Pirates of the Caribbean”, as well as, to propose a new topic for the new fire it shows for children, which we are pleased to become a reality. Our capabilities allow you to create a holiday of all sizes, to please children and guests favorite characters and remembered each guest celebration. We can also undertake a thematic children’s party at the “Peter Pan” style or “Aladdin”, hit all the history of “Cold Heart” amuse “Smeshariki” or “Masha and the Bear”, the list can be instantly, just leave your request at the site and we happy to create unusual, exclusive fire show at the children’s party!

A wedding is always a major event in the life of each person, this day, all without exception, would like to make the most unforgettable and incredibly romantic. Order Fire show at the wedding, you can choose from the available scripts or tailored to each of your wishes, allowing to translate into reality the dream of the perfect wedding ceremony.
Fire show at the wedding – is a unique theatrical production that combines: aesthetic fiery performances and pyrotechnical elements, emphasizing the emotional action. The statements involve dancers, world champion and Russian figure skating, sports and aerial gymnastics, acrobatics, equestrian sports, as well as the best faerschiki and superprofessionalnyh pyrotechnics Russia, which is why you can order fire performance for a wedding and stay in an incredible delight from bright holiday climax.

A vibrant fire show, full of drive and positive emotions

This fire show is designed specifically for the New Year celebration.

Santa will personally pay you a visit to congratulate with the New Year. This is bright fire and pyro technical show that will fill you with positive festive emotions for the night.

ˈTHE BEST SHOWˈ is happy to offer a special present to everybody who choses this show for their celebration. Please give us a call to learn more.

Ice show with fire from the team The BEST SHOW

Ice show with fire is a truly spectacular experience. There are many shows, so what is the best choice?  It is up to you.

Fire show on ice is an interweaving of the two elements that always triggers a storm of positive emotions. You will see sparks coming from under the ice-skates of the performers and beautiful colorful lights reflecting from the ice. You can enjoy either a fire show on ice, a light (LED – light emitting diodes) show on ice or a variety of unusual short performances with different extraordinary props.

Order light show

Light show is a perfect addition to any festival. Unlike the fire show, light show can be easily performed indoors. Fairy-tale’esque characters, glittering LED (light emitting diodes) costumes and quaint scenarios will create mysterious atmosphere, carrying the spectators into the world of fantasy, myths and chimeras.

How does one order a light show?

You just need to choose the script of the light show and leave a request using the form on the site. The rest is up to us! Ordering a light show will add bright colors to your festive event, turning it into a truly unforgettable experience.

Bestshow – where FIRE becomes ART

An unparalleled union of pyrotechnics, dancing and fire shows as well as aerobatics, figure skating, gymnastics, extreme sports, motor bikes, the circus, fountains and laser shows professionally choreographed.
The Fire show from “The BEST SHOW” company will take your breath away. Our show has a story line and ends with a fireworks display.

We enjoy making NEW- CREATIVE- MAGIC

Ballet dancers, World and Russian figure skating Champions, sports and aerial gymnasts, acrobatics and  equestrians perform in the shows; the best Russian fire- and pyrotechnic specialists work to the highest standards; motor cyclists perform death defying stunts leaving you breathless. Small children, aspiring ballerinas and actors star in the children’s’ shows.

All these people give us an opportunity to stage a show of any theme and scale. The shows vary from small ones, suitable for a private party, to large show-programs for city festivals, unique ballets with fire and pyrotechnics or fire shows on ice.

«The BEST SHOW»- это невероятно талантливая команда молодых, креативных и высококлассных специалистов в области профессиональной пиротехники, отточенной хореографии и танцевальных номеров, динамичного и жаркого огненного шоу, профессионального фигурного катания, гимнастики, экстремальных видов спорта и новейших технологий, используемых при постановке каждого нашего шоу.

Мы не просто создаем Оригинальное постановки, постоянно пополняя нашу коллекцию разнообразием жанров, но и помогаем Вам осуществить совершенно НОВОЕ – КРЕАТИВНОЕ – СУМАСШЕДШЕЕ и гарантированно незабываемое.
Вы всегда хотели внести в праздник немного волшебства и раскрасить обыденность яркими огненными красками? Заказать шоу у компании Бест шоу – гарантированно получить самый уникальный и необычайно эмоциональный праздник, сделать кульминационный момент события по истине впечатляющим. Команда бест шоу точно знает, как по-настоящему порадовать каждого гостя мероприятия, оставив после своего выступления яркую гамму эмоций у каждого зрителя. Тонкий и искрометный юмор, разнообразная новейшая пиротехника и жаркий огонь в компании с увлекательным сюжетом заставят заиграть новыми красками любое мероприятие от Дня рождения, до события городского масштаба.

В наших шоу программах неизменно принимают участие артисты балета, Чемпионы Мира и России по фигурному катанию, спортивной и воздушной гимнастике, акробатике, конному спорту, а так же, лучшие фаерщики и суперпрофессиональные пиротехники России, самые отчаянные мотоциклисты и безумные каскадеры. Даже талантливые детки, задействованные в программах – это маленькие балерины и актеры. Именно это позволяет «The BEST SHOW» создавать ШОУ ЛЮБОЙ ТЕМАТИКИ, МАСШТАБА И ВАШЕЙ ФАНТАЗИИ. Наша команда более 12 лет создает шоу-программы не только на частные праздники, но и на крупные городские события, воссоздает бессмертные классические произведения посредством уникального огненно-пиротехнического балета, а также ледового спектакля. Обширный и масштабный опыт в проведении шоу самого различного уровня позволяет Вам остаться максимально довольным результатом, ведь кульминацией вашей идеи станут самые невероятные эмоции у зрителей. Лучшие шоу Москвы от команды бест шоу уже нашли своих поклонников, как в России, так и в Европе.


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