Юмористическое, национальное шоу
“Иван Васильевич снова меняет профессию”

Short description

The comedy show “Ivan Vasilyevich again changes his occupation”, inspired by a popular comedy about Ivan the Terrible being magically teleported to the Soviet Union era via The Time Machine that had been recently engineered in one of the Soviet Apartments. The artists wear national costumes and perform traditional folk dance elements.  

Short description
A great fun filled Russian folk fire-show.
If you are merry, big-hearted and have a sense of humor, you will definitely enjoy this play performed in the Russian dance style.
Tsar Ivan the Terrible will personally visit your festival to show how to have fun!
Traditional Russian dancing, folk dance tricks, and well-known musical pieces such as ˈKalinkaˈ make for a truly entertaining show. You will struggle not to join in.
Subtle humor, abundant pyrotechnics and the interactive nature of the show are unique features of this production.
Directed by Ksenia Safi
1350 €
1750 €
2000 €
2150 €
2500 €
3000 €

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