Сказочное огненно-пиротехническое шоу, полное волшебства и тайны. Оживший лес…Эльфы на деревьях, танцующие феи, веселые фавны, прекрасные русалки, добрый Энт, Робин Гуд и Амур, колдунья , тролли и другие сказочные персонажи)

Short description

This is fairy tale’esque fire and pyrotechnic show, full of magic and mystery. The forest suddenly comes alive. One can see elves in the trees, dancing fairies, funny fauns, scary trolls, a beautiful mermaid and a good Ent, Robin Hood and Cupid, a Sorceress and other fantastic creatures

Short description
Every man secretly believes in miraculous. We dream about the magical world of Unidentified, about little mysterious creatures inhabiting this wonderful world. Children sincerely believe in kind fairies, elves, dwarves, wizards and in miracles. They want to turn into those mysterious creatures or to perform magic themselves.
Our elven show will magically take you into the land of wonders, full of beauty, mystery and glowing ( with LED- light emitting diodes ) fairy tale’esque creatures.
In this magic show in the forest you will meet with luminous (LED costumed) elves and fairies who love to dance and sing songs. They laugh merrily, they are happy to play with you and to show you their enigmatic world.
On the way you will meet with heavenly beautiful mermaids with glowing tails, a good Ent as tall as a 2-story building and funny gnomes, securing their pots of gold. The Sorceress will summon Fire and animate the flames with special effects. Cupid will create a pyrotechnic rain. You will see luminous swings with adoring amorous elves and many other fantasy characters.
All the nature around you (trees, bushes, lawns ect) is decorated with LED crystals creating the ambiance of a true fairy tale full of the Good and the Miraculous. We wish you to enjoy this beautiful story, that will return your children to the World of Wonders.
Produced by Ksenia Safi

Decoration of the surrounding area

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