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In this fire show you will hear the traditional motifs of Irish music – a bewitching flute, picked up by other national instruments, plus a modern arrangement that will take you to another country while you are fascinated to watch the air fairy performing various na on the air ring! She will call you into her mysterious, fiery world and you will not be able to resist her beauty and attraction! You will only need to carefully monitor the inhabitants of this green, magical country, so as not to miss a single character! Beautiful fairy girls fill your soul with tenderness and warmth, because everyone has in his hand that sparkling light that everyone has in the heart! And if you lost it, then these nymphs are sure to give it to you! Then, in place of femininity, airiness and tenderness, the male element bursts onto the scene. Agile and incredible in speed, technical Irish step, bright special effects and multi-colored pyrotechnic flashes! And how wonderful is the moment when five fairies dance in fluttering tunics with pyrotechnic fans! Or, three pyrotechnic hoops on stage, and one more in the air! And when the fairy flies among the 6-meter fire tongues! It’s really spectacular!

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