This is an ice and fire extravaganza, a fantastically complex and beautiful performance, where ice and fire come together in a spectacular show with impressive multimedia accompaniment.
A large number of artists participate in the show. Figures skaters and dancers, acrobats and fakirs will perform on ice with fire and pyrotechnic props. Our creative team put together the best of the circus and choreographic arts to make this magnificent theatre production happen.

Short description

This is an ice and fire fantasy, an incredible in its beauty and complexity show, where ice and fire are closely interconnected.

Fakirs, circus artists, dancers, acrobats, aerial gymnasts and figure skaters work with a large number of fire props, go through firewalls, play with fireballs and use flamethrowers to make this show a truly breathtaking and memorable experience. Every element of the show is performed in perfect harmony with the music.

We are positive that our ˈFIRE FANTASMAGORIAˈ will stay in your memory for a very long time. It is an impressive and totally original show, combining multiple artistic genres.

Produced by Ksenia Safi

Pyrotechnic design by Eugene Safiulin

Multimedia management by Danil Maneshin

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