A spectacularly fun show, where the Goddess of love Aphrodite reconciles passionate Hephaestus and Zeus. Dionysus, barely appearing on the stage, brings a truly enchanting character to the show.

Short description

Greek fire show can be an excellent and unusual completion to a wedding.

Traditional “Sirtaki” melody will accelerate and accelerate, gaining impossible pace and pushing the dancers to their limits.

At which point the Greek fire show will surprise you with a powerful musical fireworks display with a broad front (11 launch points).

Spectators shout with delight, dancing to the music.


A miracle takes place in Moscow in winter. A portal opens, teleporting ancient Greeks and their Gods into your festival. Clearly, the Gods feel freezing cold. Hephaestus, being the God of Fire, decides to give Fire to people, and the fun begins. Zeus, father of Hephaestus, appears at the stage angry that common people have fire. He starts throwing lightning bolts. Hephaestus decides to protect the people. The argument between Zeus and Hephaestus deteriorates into a fight. Suddenly, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Hephaestus’s wife, appears in the portal. The Gods are ashamed of their behavior, as even the all powerful Zeus is conquered by Love. Aphrodite reconciles the father and son. Everybody praises Love and Peace.

Show directed by Ksenia Safi

Pyrotechnic design by Eugene Safiulin

50 000   650  €

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