Regular winning the “Ecumenical Carnival Fire”

Ksenia Safi The Best Show Бест шоу шоу лучших коллекций купить оформить заявку в москве фаер-шоу карнавал огня 23 2 4 5

Our fire show for several years been involved in the annual festival of “Ecumenical Carnival of Fire”, which takes place at stuntmen area by Setunsky camp. And all of our performances, ended with an absolute victory in the nomination “the best fire show” as well as “best solo fire” and “the best children’s theater fire”. Tell me more. Our first victory for the best fire show, we got a fire for posing ballet-play “Romeo and Juliet”. Century unusual love story of two star-crossed lovers, ends in tragedy! From masterpiece to make a masterpiece, it seemed an impossible task, but we managed with success! And our efforts were rewarded in full, not only victory and the title “Best fire show”, but also the first to recognize that a large audience! As our fire performance artists, participated in solo nominations and received the first place, for which we are very proud that we are working with the best of the best. Once we were awarded first place in the special nomination “Best children’s fire show” everyone was at a loss how children cope with a seemingly impossible task. On an equal footing with adults they performed in dance and fire setting. Not afraid to work with fire props, perfectly act out emotionally and became favorites of the festival! Kids it’s very interesting, they are intensely studied, practiced and did really impossible. Directed by Xenia Safi became a pioneer of children’s theater fire. Children performed at children’s parties and represent their peers to respond to such a fire show. This is a great motivation to learn what is new, terribly interesting. Parents can not be worry, and do not fear. It all takes place under the guidance of experienced artists and faerschikov. Our second victory at the carnival fire was fire moto show. But more on that later, but for now I tell you about the technical complexity of this production. Fire show was held at three levels, on the pavement, on a specially built towers and on the stage, which is the total roof construction. The show was attended by over 20 people, with fire and pyrotechnic props under the legendary song It’s My Life. The show was a brutal and powerful, and this very power we added iron horses, and real. Fire riders on horses and ghostly riders on motorcycles, produced such a sensation that no one doubted, whose fire show was the most original. Just the first time we have used the genre of fire burning trampoline, jumping on which a professional acrobat. Safety was at the highest level, but as the saying goes, nothing ventured, he does not get first place) Another victory, he has shown us that not only can we make the best Fire show, but also become a stumbling block for other fire theaters. We began to copy! After showing at the carnival fire fire show “party at Gatsby” during the year there was still several identical programs in other theaters. Perhaps such behavior, says only one thing that really team created the best fire show!

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